Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Deck Dissection: Lawkeeper Kagero

As promised, today it'll be normal posts again. EB-03 is seriously picking up at a very fast speed here at my local meta. Everybody now is trying their new decks with EB-03 cards inside non-stop. So what about me? I also wanted to try them out, but the problem here is Kagero is so commonly played that I have a very hard time to find the Dragonic Lawkeepers that I need for my deck. I think after 3 days of searching it, I only managed to secure 3 pieces of it.

So much demand for this guy here... Sad...

Although my ideal deck is using 4 of those guys, but I have to improvise thanks to the lack of cards. However, my friend Rauzes gave me a good suggestion to build a deck with only 3 Dragonic Lawkeepers. And the deck is performing quite well despite not having a full set of Lawkeepers. So here's the deck that both of us came up with:

Grade 0
Lizard Soldier Conroe x1 (FV)
Embodiment of Spear, Tahr x4 (Critical)
Blu-Ray Dracokid x3 (Critical)
Gatling Claw Dragon x4 (Draw)
Dragon Dancer Monica x1 (Draw)
Dragon Monk Genjo x4 (Heal)

Grade 1
Embodiment of Armor, Bahr x4
Dragon Monk Gojo x3
Wyvern Guard, Barri x3
Lizard Soldier Raopia x2
Demonic Dragon Mage, Kinnala x2

Grade 2
Cross Shot Gaap x4
Dragon Knight Nehalem x2
Berserk Dragon x3
Bellycoisty Dragon x2

Grade 3
Dragonic Lawkeeper x3
Dual Axe Archdragon x3
Dragonic Overlord x2

The base of this deck is very easy to come up with because most Kagero decks are using this as a template (mine at least). What you need to do is just change the G3s and the trigger set up then the deck will have a new flavor in it. Moving on to the selection of cards:

Grade 0
For the starter we have the best G0 available for us, which is Lizard Soldier Conroe. Thanks to it we can reduce the number of certain units to make space for others because Conroe can tutor them out. As for the trigger set up, I opted to go with my favorite - 7 Critical, 5 Draw, and 4 Heal as I'm a Critical fan. But this might change as I'm currently experimenting on different trigger set ups.

Grade 1
4 Bahr and 3 Barri, quite standard base. Gojo is there to help you cycle cards (seriously, this guy is my favorite G1 now, can't leave him out in any deck). Although Kinnala will eat some of your Counterblasts, but I really think that we can't depend on Lawkeeper's skill alone, hence she's there to provide a bit of board control, especially those threatening boosters like 10k boosts, Toypoogal, 8ks etc..

The key G1 here is Lizard Soldier Raopia. With Lawkeeper's Limit Break on, you can guarantee a 23k attack every time you use the LB skill, and ensure that your opponent will either say 'No Guard', throw a null guard, or waste a lot of cards to guard. Being able to be tutored out by Conroe, he's at x2 (you'll only need 1 on field anyway).

Grade 2
I'm playing 6 pieces of the 10k vanillas here to maximize the offensive power. Rauzes suggested me to play HIdden Dragon Striken initially, but I really can't find the guts to lose a Drive Check just to get a confirmed Critical Trigger. Similar to Kinnala, Berserk Dragon x3 is here to provide more board control as well as creating presence. Since this deck uses quite some CB, I added in 2x Bellycoisty Dragons just to help recover some CB. It also helps you to 'psycho' your opponent, whether he wanna let you unflip the damage or spend cards to guard.

Grade 3
Dragonic Lawkeeper at x3 in the deck. Although I would like to play 4 but sadly I only have 3 with me now. However, once you played enough, you will find out that you don't actually need 4. Because you need 4 damage to activate LB, means by then it's already in mid or late game already. Also, Lawkeeper is a VG only effect, means once you ride him, the other copies are useless already. So I guess 3 here is quite enough for the deck.

Dual Axe Archdragon, another partner card with Lawkeeper. Being able to hit 20k magic lines is good, nuff said. 3 pieces of it is because like the other cards, the requirements to get the +3k power is kinda hard, unless you trigger LB every turn. So most of the time, Dual Axe will only be a vanilla 10k if your opponent keeps on spamming units.

Hitting 20k+ magic numbers was never that easy until now... Welcome back my long forgotten friend...

The 2 Dragonic Overlords here is to fill in the VG spot while waiting to ride Lawkeeper on top of it. With its 11k defense, you can buy more time to fish out your Lawkeeper and proceed for your win. Besides, if you have extra CB to use, why not call out Overlord in RG and push for more damage?

So here you go, a sample Critical-based Lawkeeper deck. This deck is geared more towards offense, but now I'm experimenting a way to make the deck faster. Once I secured all my cards, most likely will give this deck a shot in my shop tourneys. Hopefully this deck will live up to my expectations and Lawkeeper can be my new Avatar besides DOTE (lol!). So until next time, this is Homura signing out!


  1. For the VGE community.
    We are gonna get the Lawkeeper but What is a good alternative to Dual Axe Archdragon or Raopia ?
    We dont even have the unflipper ..

  2. In concern of the VGE environment, Dual Axe Archdragon, upon its release soon, is the best partner with Lawkeeper. I know that Raopia is not available yet, but putting Bahr or Gojo behind can already make 21k and 20k lines, so the absence of Raopia can still be neglected.

    If you insist in looking for an alternative for Dual Axe, the only thing that I can recommend you will be Dragonic Overlord, as it's one of our best G3 out there that can serve both as a VG or RG. If I'm not mistaken, EB-03 for VGE will also include Dragonic Executioner, so maybe you can keep an eye on it if its available for you.