Friday, June 1, 2012

Defining the Metagame: Oracle Think Tank

First up, I should apologize for not catering more to readers that don't play the 'mainstream' clans (SP , RP, GP, Kagero). Because there's nothing new came up so far, hence the lack of posts. But since Oracle Think Tank has some boost during next set, I think it's about time for me to do a brief analysis on the clan that once used to be a dominating clan, and how will it fare in the new metagame.

Prior to BT-07, Oracles did receive much boost due to the emergence of Shadow Paladins, and Persona Blast units. Hence, they can only use whatever that is provided to them up to the current moment. In other words, the only (or mainly) Oracle deck that you can see in tourneys is the Tsukuyomi-Amaterasu build. And frankly speaking, that's the only stable build for Oracles that can at least provide some results in tournaments.

The only tournament-quality deck since BT-03...

Close to a year after, Oracles finally get some love again. People might think that they can finally upgrade their Tsukuyomi-Amaterasu decks to a better level, but the truth is despite being the best deck that Oracles can offer, they don't get much stuff that will improve the deck. Instead, BT-07's Oracle cards focuses more on an archetype that we've long forgotten since the release of Tsukuyomi. Behold our long forgotten heroine: Scarlet Witch Coco.

Yes. This time, Bushiroad decides to make the return of Oracles a special one. People do play Coco based decks during the old days, but since the Goddess of the Moon arrives, Coco was just being put aside to collect dust, and even being on the verge of being sold off. But now, It's time for you Oracle players to dig out your Coco, and start coming out with a new deck cos' she's back, better than before!

In BT-07, there'll be a few cards that specialize in supporting Coco builds. Those cards may seem normal in other decks, but when put into a Coco deck, their potential instantly shines. Why? Because they need the Vanguard to be 'Soulless' for their skills to work, and there's none other than Coco to do it!

Since we're at it, let's do some recap. Scarlet Witch Coco is a 10k G3 that has a CIP skill. If your soul is 1 or less, by paying a CB of 2, you get to draw 2 cards. And also, if you don't have any Soul, she get's a +3k boost when attacking. Older players should know how to utilize Coco to its full potential by pairing her with cards like Truth Watcher (SB1, +3k when attacking) and Luck Bird (CIP, SB2 and draw a card). With the boost of Oracle Guardian Gemini, she can force loads of shields even when attacking a 11k Vanguard.

With the addition of the new cards, Coco builds are becoming an even better deck that focuses on beatdown with a slight boost in hand advantage. The first card that I'm gonna show here is Sky Witch, Nana. Nana is a G3 with 10k base power and 2 very interesting skills that compliment nobody else except Coco.

As long as you have no Soul, Nana gets +1k when she's in a Rear Guard circle, or +3k if she's the Vanguard, only during your turn. No matter what is her position, the cost-free power up that she gains is very good, since you now will have more ways to remove Soul. Verdict? An absolute beatstick.

The second card that I'll be talking about is Little Witch, Lulu. Lulu is the new starter for Coco based decks. With a base power of 5k, she's quite a standard booster. but the interesting thing is, she can be Superior Called from the soul when a G3 Oracle unit appears at the Vanguard Circle. She also has another skill, whereby you can drop 2 Oracle units from your Soul, and draw one when she CIP as a Rear Guard.

If the rulings are correct, you ride Coco, activate Lulu's skill due to player priority,  Superior Call Lulu, then activate her 2nd skill, drop 2 soul and draw 1. Then, Coco's check timing activates. Since you have less than 1 Soul, you can CB 2 and draw 2. Which means you drew 3 and get a free unit just by CB2! Instant profit!

These are the only new cards released so far, I wonder whether there's more or not. But regardless, Oracle beatdown decks are finally coming back (maybe I should play it with 12 Criticals just for the lols!). We'll see how will Coco decks perform again in the new meta with the given cards. I can't guarantee it'll surpass Tsukuyomi-Amaterasu builds for sure, but at least I think Coco can really become a competitor for being the mainstay deck of Oracle Think Tank in the near future. I can't provide you a decklist at the moment because I scare there might be more cards coming out for them. Once the set is released, or the full spoilers out, I'll try to come up with one in the Deck Dissection column.

That's all for today, and start brainstorming!

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