Thursday, June 7, 2012

Defining the Metagame: Dimension Police

Hey there, and so sorry that I haven't been posting for such a long time. I was seriously busy with work these few days, running back and forth between the project site and my office. Today will be another installment of 'Defining the Metagame', but I won't be doing analysis of those usual 'mainstream' clans, but instead I'll be checking out on other sub-clans.

Yesterday, Bushiroad announced the release date of Vanguard's newest expansion, BT-08 'Blue Storm Armada', which will be on September. In this expansion, there will be new cards for a new clan-Aqua Force, Great Nature, and the long awaited Narukami. Besides, Bushiroad also decides to revisit some of the older clans, namely Tachikaze, Neo Nectar and Dimension Police. This announcement was indeed really surprising for me, especially I play Narukami, Tachikaze and Dimension Police decks. Well, enough talk, today's article will be about Dimension Police, how you build them, how you play them, and how will they fare in this current metagame.

Dimension Police (DP) is the second Stargate clan that was briefly introduced in BT-03, and became fully playable in BT-04. This clan puts a lot of emphasis in the Vanguard, as their Vanguards, especially the Grade 3 Vanguards, where they gain extra skills when they hit a certain number in power before they attack. Just imagine DP is like Ultraman, where you have the Defense Force as backup, while Ultraman handles the biggest threat himself. Now, let's take a look at how to build a DP deck that suits your play style.

The Heroes
Now, the moment you choose your main Vanguard, you have already limiting yourself into playing that particular build. DP is not a clan that really tolerates diversity in the same deck. Let's look at the different cards that will determine your direction in building your DP deck:

Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha

The first G3 released to us in BT-03, he was a staple member of the Critical-based builds of DP. If Daiyusha's power hits 14k before he attacks, he gets a +1 Critical. However, it only has 10k power, means he can be very weak when it comes to defense, that's why he was not a favorite anymore the moment DP gets newer cards in BT-04 and BT-05.

Enigman Storm

The other Critical-based Vanguard released in BT-04. Storm was way better than Daiyusha because storm has a ride chain that allow's you to tutor out your cards. When you ride Enigman Ripple (G1) on top of Enigman Flow (G0) you may search your deck for a Enigman Wave (G2). Engiman Ripple also helps to thin down the deck by searching out Enigman Storm for a cost of discarding a G3 from your hand.The most important thing is that Storm is a 11k unit, when you rode Enigman Wave previously. And if Storm hits 15k power before he attacks, he also gets a +1 to Critical like Daiyusha.

Enigman Rain

This unit was used in Stand-based DP builds. Her effect allows you to stand a Rear Guard when her attack hits the Vanguard, given that her power was above 12k before she attacks. Comboing this with Miracle Beauty and Commander Laurel, she can actually unleash an infinity attack combo (which I would describe some other day). But sadly, she wasn't that popular because she also suffers the curse for being a 10k Vanguard and nothing else but a vanilla as a Rear Guard.

The Supports
In order to unlock all the Vanguards' additional skills, their power must reach a certain amount, usually an increment of +2k or +4k during the beginning of their Attack Step. To achieve this DP has a lot of units that can provide Main Phase power boosts. Here are a few of them which can be considered the most popular choices:

Cosmo Beak

This 8k G2 has a CIP skill that gives a +4k boost to one of your DP units for a cost of CB2. The best support card for DP, it instantly unlocks all the 'Ultimate' skills for your Vanguard when it appears on the field.

Cosmo Roar

Also a main phase power booster, one of your DP gains +2k when you rest this unit. Although you'll lose one boosted attack by doing this, but if you're using Enigman Rain as your main Vanguard, you get a chance to stand it back again.

Masked Police Grander

Another power booster, but he boosts when he attacks. When this card declares an attack, if your Vanguard is a DP unit, it gets +2k power. Kind of a bonus in a sense that you can attack and also boost your Vanguard at the same time. One tip: even if his attack doesn't hit, the boost still works.

Commander Laurel

The commander of the Dimension Police, he was quite special as he does not provide a power boost by himself. Instead he was the thing that makes DP a scary deck. If your Vanguard's attack hits, by resting 4 Rear Guards, you can stand your Vanguard back up again. This not only allows you to gain a +1 board presence, but will nail you at least a +4 hand size advantage. The only thing is he's only 4k power.

Except the Vanguards, DP units all suffer from  the lack of base power. What they excel the most is to disrupt your opponent's Rear Guards, and to support your Vanguard. Not many DP units can hit the magic lines of 16k and 18k, so placements of those units must be planned really carefully to generate the maximum advantage.

Here's a sample decklist for DP:

Grade 0
Enigman Flow x1 (FV)
Justice Rose x4 (Heal)
Guide Dolphin x4 (Stand)
Cosmo Fang x4 (Stand)
Army Penguin x4 (Draw)

Grade 1
Enigman Ripple x4
Diamond Ace x3
Commander Laurel x3
Glory Maker x2
Karenloid Daisy x2

Grade 2
Enigman Wave x3
Cosmo Beak x3
Enigroid Comrade x3
Twin Order x2

Grade 3
Enigman Storm x4
Miracle Beauty x4

This deck is one of the most stable builds available for DP up to the current meta. It is played as a normal DP Stand-based deck, but preferring Enigman Storm over Rain for his 11k defense. If you're worried about not enough Critical output, that's why Storm is there. Miracle Beauty is what makes the deck slightly more playable.

If you hit a Stand Trigger during your Drive Check and you have a rested Miracle Beauty, you can stand her, and through her skill, the unit behind her stands as well. This provides a little bit more punch for DP which is already severely lacking in power.Also, by careful planning and a bit of luck, you can even trigger Laurel's ability more than once! How? That's for you to find out ^_^

Anyway, the key of playing DP is you need to know when to use the main phase power boosts from Cosmo Beak. Be sure to time them properly to ensure that you can reap the maximum profit out of the CB that you've spend.

For now, when 13k Vanguards are still running rampant, it's not a very good choice to bring DP to tourneys, unless you really have the guts to. Even the newly released Limit Breaker will give DP a very hard time. But fear not, BT-08 will bring new reinforcements for DP in a few months time, so we shall wait for what's installed for DP (I'm guessing either a Persona Blast of Limit Break, or both). In conclusion, DP now is more geared towards friendly casual games instead of tournaments. So take your time, and wait for the new cards available to make the deck better and more stable. Until then, This is Homura, signing out!


  1. ...I read the new Dimensional Police of BT08(fusion parts of Daiyusha + Crossride Limit Break unit + Superior ride (and an easier one at that!)) and concluded one thing.

    ...It's a new era as DP joins the Big 3.

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