Friday, June 29, 2012

Deck Dissection: Bladewing Amon

Hey there guys. As promised, today I shall be posting a decklist for the new post BT-07 Dark Irregulars. Seriously, when I try to come up with a decklist, I'm really pushing my brain because I'm really spoiled with choices here. Thinking of partnering which unit with which is really hard. In the end, I decided to go with a Bladewing Reggie-based deck, with Hell Marquis, Amon as his partner unit.

The reason why I chose Bladewing Reggie is because of his unique skills. Playing Dark Lord of the Abyss is just like playing the Amon-based decks like the old times, so Reggie definitely gives me something new to look at. Plus, I like Criticals, hah! The only problem with Reggie is he needs 15 soul as soon as possible to make him good, so my choices of cards here will be very crucial. Anyway, here's an untested prototype for you guys to look at, and maybe you guys can try it out once it's released.

Grade 0
Greedy Hand x1 (FV)
Hysteric Shirley x4 (Draw)
Mad Hatter of the Nightmareland x2 (Draw)
Dark Knight of the Nightmareland x4 (Critical)
Blitz Ritter x2 (Critical)
Cursed Doctor x4 (Heal)

Grade 1
Alluring Succubus x4
Jet Black Poet, Amon x4
March Rabbit of the Nightmareland x3
Demon Bike of the Demonic Hour x4

Grade 2
Emblem Master x3
Free Traveler x2
Werewolf Sieger x3
Dark Soul Conductor x3

Grade 3
Hell Marquis, Amon x3
Bladewing Reggie x4

From the first looks of the deck, it might look like some mashed up build of DI. Pardon me for that, but when I thought about this build, it's really hard for me to decide what cards to be included and how many copies of each. But well, I did mention that this is a prototype, so it's up to you whether you want to follow my build or your own. Once I can acquire the cards myself, I'll be testing and modifying the deck also. Now let's have a look at the choices:

Grade 0

Greedy Hand is our starter Vanguard here. People might ask why I don;t use Vermillion Gatekeeper instead because I can SC an extra card if I ride Alluring Succubus on top of it. Yes, it's true. But the reason why I wanted to use Greedy Hand is because of his free call skill, as well as his targeted SC. Though I might have 1 less Soul when using him, but mitigating the risk of accidentally SC-ing a trigger is worth that 1 Soul. Besides, the targeted SC is justified from the inclusion of Demon Bike of the Demonic Hour.

Dark Irregulars seriously need these more than Stands

And since this deck is designed to deal damage fast and hard, the introduction of the 2nd Critical Trigger for DI is utmostly welcomed. Furthermore, Dark Knight of the Nightmareland has the skill of Margal, which allows you to hit magic numbers for the final push. The final set-up will be 6 Critical,  6 Draw and 4 Heal to provide you with both improvements is offense and defense.

Grade 1

Alluring Succubus instead of her sister because we need the speed

I was thinking of using Succubus of Courtship because it can continuously SC if my attack hits the Vanguard, and can act as a pressuring unit to force your opponent to guard. But considering the requirements of Reggie, I opted to use Alluring Succubus instead because she allows you to SC immediately. Demon Bike is your Vanguard's personal booster. The more of it in your Soul, the better it gets. However, even if you only managed to SC two of them in your Soul, the remaining two can boost for a whopping 10k each!

Absurdly high power counts with a very affordable cost

To better deal with 13k Vanguard, I've opted to use a full set of Jet Black Poet, Amon. This is because Amon's requirement for his power boost is so easy, and having a 9k booster/attacker at all times is always welcomed. Together with Demon Bike of the Demonic Hour, this lineup ensures that you will not have 'power shortage'.

Grade 2
This is where you Soulcharging will mostly come from. Emblem Master serves the same function as Succubus of Courtship, whereby you force your opponent to make choices, whether he wants to let you have more Soul, or spend cards in his hand to guard. Either way is an advantage on your side. Free Traveler provides you with a CIP targeted Soulcharge to help set up Demon Bike faster, as well as getting rid of extra G3 which will not help if you trigger them during Drive Check.

More Soul! More!

Werewolf Sieger is in because he has 10k power, which is able to punch through the majority of cards out there. Although Aspiring Demon, Amon is also good for his 11k power on your turn, but when you're in the defensive, he's only 8k, and 8k is not a good number. Since its release in BT-05, Dark Soul Conductor has become a staple card in almost all DI variants. Being able to SC2 when used as a Guardian is definitely an advantage for a Soul-hungry clan like DI.

Grade 3

Here's the main star, Bladewing Reggie. Despite needing 15 or more Soul to trigger his +2 Critical, he himself can perform a targeted Soulcharge of 3 the moment he hits in. Together with all the other Soul acceleration cards in the deck, hitting 15 can be as fast as your turn 4 or 5. When boosted by Demon Bike, he can hit magic numbers ranging from 16-22k, depending on how many of the Bikes you have charged into Soul. One thing I need to mention though is his defense. One word - BAD. Being a 10k invites yourself to a lot of 20k raping during defense, so have to be careful when picking your Rear Guards' attack targets: sometimes you might have to whack your opponent's Rear Guards as well.

Hell Marquis, Amon is your inital G3 before preparations for Reggie is ready. Since he has built in power increment, meaning that you can pressurize your opponent while building up Soul for Reggie, as well, as providing some board control (plus Soul feeding) with his Counterblast skill. Again the same as Reggie, play smart because you're 10k, not 11k, 12k or 13k.

So here you go, a prototype of the Bladewing Reggie deck. Truthfully without testing, I wonder how far this deck can go. But the offensive capabilities of the deck is already there, from the looks of the cards in the deck. Try it out when you guys can and let me know how is it performing, whether they are anything needed to improve the deck, or even what should be take out. Here's a quote for DI players out there: "Hit hard on your turn, pray hard on your opponent's turn"

That's all guys!


  1. thanks for great tips! after reading every post of your blog, it seen u are spending alot of efforts and i am very appreciate for that!. But i got questions? can this deck cope with no life king-death achors?

    1. Hey there and welcome to my blog!

      Regarding your question about comparing this deck with Death Anchor, I personally think that each deck has it's own merits and demerits. Let's have a look one by one

      Death Anchor
      Death Anchor ensures you an 11k Vanguard once you meet the requirements, and he's a constant 13k attacker on your turn. When boosted by either Doreen the Thruster or Devil Child, he can really break magic numbers.

      Bladewing Reggie
      This deck requires slightly more set up time, as you need 15 or more Soul to make Reggie effective. But once you hit the 15th Soul, he's definitely a monster, and because of his targeted Soulcharge, there are better options for his booster, the main one being Demon Bike of the Demonic Hour.

      Comparing these 2, I think that Reggie is better in a sense that his Soulcharge is targeted, meaning that you choose what to Soulcharge. However, Death Anchor only can unlock his skill if you have 5 opened damage, and if you reveal any triggers due to the effect's drawback, you can't activate them. So it's really up to you whether you want to hit hard constantly, or start up with an explosion and continue to pile on the pressure without risking your triggers.

      Hope that helps, cheers!