Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Randomization: Some 'Genius' Statement

I know that this is my third post of the day, but seriously, I found a very 'genius' statement in someone's blog which I think that I really need to 'shoot' that fella for making such an offensive (and somewhat idiotic) statement. This was what he said:

"if you don't use Limit Breakers and your clan has one, you're an idiot. Stop playing Vanguard."

Errr... The point that I wanna make here is, does Limit Break really necessary in your deck? Take myself for an example. I have been playing DOTE since it came out. Now Kagero has a Limit Break Unit - Dragonic Lawkeeper. Indeed, it's effect is good, but do I really need to play him? What should I remove? Use him as a Vanguard and render my DOTE useless? Let my opponent rape me with 20k lines after I used the LB?

Come on, LB is GOOD, but not GOD. There's a reason why clans with LB seldom top in tourneys. So next time, think carefully when you make such statements.

We eat Limit Break for lunch (LOL!)


  1. The viability of his quote is really dependent on wherever he has referring to the Japanese/Korean Meta or the English one.

    In the former, he's overestimating the need for Extra power in decks that don't need it as it would hurt the overall consistency (i.e Majesty Blast, DOTE etc).

    In the latter, in a format with less 11k+ Vanguards, Limit Break has a greater advantage when you draw them at the right time that it's a thing to take into account during deckbuilding rather than a possible add-on at the end.

  2. Hey there Kokuyoku. Firstly thanks for visiting my blog, hope the info posted here will be of some help for you ^^

    On topic, yes I do agree with you that the viability of his quote depends on where he is and how is the meta over there. Well, IIRC, the blog originates from Singapore, and at there, Japanese Vanguard is the main language being played. So I guess his quote hits your point?

    No offence to him but even though he does not mean it (I hope so), the choice of his words is still very unsuitable for a blog post that is supposed to teach people how to play and what to consider in terms of deck construction.