Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Randomization: A Player's Mentality

Hello there and this is Homura with something different installed for you all today. Today, we'll not going to dissect decks, or discuss things related to the game. Instead, I'll be talking about mentality issues of players nowadays.

I'm sure that most of you that plays any game, not only Vanguard, will somehow want to gain some achievement in the game. Once you start winning, you'll want to win more, and hopefully gain recognition from other players as the top player of the community. Truthfully speaking, who doesn't? I'll admit that I do. After so many games that I've played so far, I have tried my best to be the one of the best, if not the best. But, no matter how hard I tried, I still can't, and I felt very disheartened and sad.

But then, I told my self, why take it so serious? It's a game, and we're supposed to enjoy the game. To enjoy the game, it's not necessary for me to be the best player. What I need is just recognition from others. When others know your existence, and they have respect for you, it's already good enough. I'm not saying that it's pointless to go competitive, but remember, just enjoy the game and don't really worry about the results.

I know, taking losses as if nothing has happened is very hard for certain people, when they have this thing called 'ego' in their way. But think of this in another perspective. When you play a game, there's always a winner and a loser. If you win, you should feel proud and happy because your hardwork in building the deck and testing out the deck finally pays off. If you lose, take it as an experience, and ask yourself what else you can improve to make yourself better. By doing that only you can overcome the feelings that come up after losing and do better next time.

Another thing, when people lose against an experienced player, they'll always complain that they're bullying and toying around with the newbies. What logic is that? Have you asked yourself, are they really bullying you, or is your skills still lacking? Playing against experienced players will only make you better, if you take it in a positive thinking. I ask you, do you really want to just stick with players that are same level as you? You don't even want to improve? If so, then I got nothing to say.

Besides, you think we experienced players were born a pro? The thing you didn't know is how many losses we have endured throughout the process to be at this level. We might be good now, but same as you all, we used to be noobs last time. If all of us only know how to whine about our losses and giving excuses, there won't be any good players around us right? It's the experiences of losing, improving, losing, improving, and finally winning that made us what we are now. There isn't an easy way to be good (unless you cheat, but what's the point, right?).

So yeah, don't take losses so seriously, and never stop improving yourselves. Gain more experience, learn more. I will not say that my plays are perfect, sometimes i still make stupid mistakes, but hey, I'm still learning. And so should you.

That's all for today, and I'll be back with my usual posts tomorrow, or later when I have the mood to write again (work is killing me lol...)


  1. Thanks for the Advice man :D !!! Stand Up ... you know the rest lol.

  2. Hey I'm a Karateka and as a Karateka i must say OSU!
    That's the karate road. That's the way I feel like and the road we must take to learn and improve in CFVG.
    A healthy road. I hope every "cardfighter" thougth in that way

    (sorry my english, i'm from spain)