Saturday, May 26, 2012

Randomization: Do You Have A Problem in Reading?

Hello there. While I was browsing through some Cardfight Vanguard group pages in Facebook in office (YES, I'm working on a freaking Saturday, FML!!!), a very interesting post caught my eye, and that post gave me some inspiration to write this article. Here's roughly what the post was mentioning.

This were the text written on Feather Palace's skill box:

AUTO [V]: At the beginning of your main phase, SC1, this unit gets +2000 power until the end of turn.
AUTO [V]: [SB8 & CB5] When this unit's attack hits a Vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, for each <Angel Feather> Rear Guard on your field, choose a card from your damage zone to heal.

Got it? I presume that everybody here know's how to read ENGLISH. Okay, here's the funny part. In that particular group, someone mentioned that they checked the ruling for Feather Palace's Megablast skill. And the conclusion that they came up with was that Feather Palace's skill MUST FOLLOW the ruling for Heal Triggers, i.e. you can only heal until you have 1 less damage than your opponent.

Err... the moment I saw that comment, I was like "Hmm... WHAT?" There's not even a reference to this kind of ruling anywhere! And the most important 'Golden Rule' of TCGs is when a card's rule contradicts with the rulebook, the card take precedence, meaning you FOLLOW whatever the card says. I already asked them to show me evidence for their conclusion, and I'm still waiting (or kinda like expecting what are they gonna say).

Actually this kind of situation already happened once when BT-01 just came out. This was the confusion caused thanks to those that don't know how to READ (again, no offence intended):

The confusion that this card created was its CB3 skill. This was the actual wording of the skill:

ACTIVATE [V / R]: [CB3] During this turn, this unit gets +5000 power, and gain "AUTO [V / R]: When this unit's attack hits a Rear Guard, stand this unit", and loses [Twin Drive!!].

Got it? Yes? No? Maybe? The wording said that Overlord gains the AUTO ability, and loses Twin Drive in return, not "When this unit's attack hits a RG, stand it and lose Twin Drive". Some of the players that misunderstood the wording concludes that Overlord only loses Twin Drive when it is hitting a RG using its skill. When it is attacking the Vanguard, the Twin Drive still remain. NO! IT DOESN'T! The moment you activate the skill, you LOSE the Twin Drive for a new skill!

The point of this article is, don't simply come up with your own conclusions by just roughly glance through the card, and translate it with your own language (yet again, no offence intended). Ask someone that knows Japanese good enough to translate it for you, and please, don't trust Wikis easily, as anybody can just log in and edit the content. Always follow the official FAQ from the official website (if your Japanese is not that good, study or ask those that are good). If Bushiroad didn't mention any changes for a card, please don't simply create rulings on your own.

One of the members in the group even confidently said that Bushiroad already confirmed the ruling (what bulls*it is this?) Evidence, guys. Evidence. Rock-hard solid evidence. No evidence, don't try to talk big.

I know this post might get some hate if they saw this, but hey, I'm only telling the truth. So to prove who's right and who's wrong, let's just wait for Bushiroad's reply (I already asked them) and see who gets the last laugh, LOL.


  1. ovrly srs dud clm dwn

  2. I agree.. I went into a tournament, and met a player with this problem as well.. AND a big one..
    He rode into Vivian (GP grade 2)(effect:If boosted by another GP, and the attack hits opponent vanguard, CB 1 and superior call the GP on top of deck).
    And call Nimue (GP grade 1) on the back as booster.
    The attack actually hits, and he says (counter blast 1.. and again)..
    I was like (o.O)..
    Vivian and nimue skills are actually the same.. It activates when you are in FRONT line, ie: Attacking the opponent vg.
    He said nimue skills activates when he boosted another GP and hits..
    Apparently he loses, and just go around without any words.. :)