Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Deck Dissection: Gold Paladins of the Red Lion

As promised, I'll be posting a sample decklist for Gold Paladins today. First up is Aichi's Gold Paladins, which uses the Paladins of the Red Lion. Together with it I'll also write about the card choices (bear in mind, this is just a sample, so if you think the one I posted doesn't work, feel free to switch it according to your playstyle. After all, this is just a base!).

Since the release of BT-06, Gold Paladins and Narukami had always be in a hype due to their statuses as the new main clans. However, compared to all the other new clans introduced, GP obviously gained the upper hand as the cards released were superior compared to the others. This point was proved when GP topped several tournaments in Japan, proving themselves as a contender for the top spots.

Here is a sample decklist that uses Incandescent Lion, Blonde Ezel as their main Vanguard:

Grade 0
Crimson Little Lion, Kyrph x1 (FV)
Flame of Victory x4 (Critical)
Silent Punisher x4 (Critical)
Arms Dealer, Gwydion x4 (Draw)
Elixir Sommelier x4 (Heal)

Grade 1
Knight of Fine Skills, Gareth x4
Halo Shield, Mark x4
Sleygal Dagger x4
Sacred Axe Player, Nimue x3

Grade 2
Knight of Divine Skills, Beaumains x4
Sacred Bow Player, Vivian x3
Mage of Disaster, Trip x2
Sacred Guardian Beast, Nemean Lion x2

Grade 3
Incandescent Lion, Blonde Ezel x3
Great Silver Wolf, Garmore x3
Holy Mage Manawydan x2

At first glance, this deck is full of Vanguard-only-ability Grade 3s. Yes it is, since most of the Grade 3s that are good needs to be in the Vanguard Circle to use their effects. Still, I shall explain the logic behind this build. This deck gives the image of the Alfred-main Royal Paladins when they first came out. This is because most of the new GP units has the ability to superior call units out, albeit with a little twist.

Grade 0
Kyrph is the Starting Vanguard we're using here. The triggers are quite standard for a GP deck, where Stand Triggers are quite irrelevant due to the fact that besides Garmore and Ezel, the Superior Call ablities happens during the battle phase. so 8 Criticals, 4 Draws and 4 Heals is my choice here.

Grade 1
Standard inclusion of 4 Gareth because of his 8k power, as well as being the Superior Ride material for Ezel (you want to see him). Halo Shield, Mark at the maximum because by using the Superior Call abilities, you basically will be able to conserve quite a few hand cards for defense purposes. Sleygal Dagger is in there because it's a 7k boost with the potential to be a 9k, effectively making your units to hit the 18k, and 22k mark. Nimue is a unit that has the ability to Superior Call, but being a 7k and need a hit to use the ability, she's only a 2-off.

One of the best boosters for GP. 7k base power that can become a gigantic booster.

Grade 2
4 Beaumains because of 10k and Superior Ride material for Ezel. Vivian shares the same ability as Nimue, but she's better thanks to her being a Grade 2 (taking the bullet) and her 9k power. Trip is there to force guard and replenish Counterblast while Nemean Lion adds in more defense because GP is very very aggressive with near to zero ways to defend themselves. But frankly speaking these two units can be toyed around, if you think there's a better one you can just swap them out, but Beaumains and Vivian should be a staple.

Grade 3
3 Ezel. Why? I know when a unit has the skill to Superior Ride, people will usually put 2 or even 1, but my reasoning of 3 pieces is when to prevent the situation where 1 is in the damage zone, and 1 is in your hand. Heck, even if you already have Ezel out, the remaining pieces still serves as a 10k beatstick and a 10k boost for your Vanguard Ezel's LB.

Garmore, I can say is one of the best G3 that GP has. With a decent LB that can hit 20k, 23k, and 25k lines, plus a CITP skill that allows you to tutor out a G2 or below RG, what else you want from him? Since he's competing for a VG slot and his skill is quite CB consuming also, that's why he's at 3.

The highlight here is Holy Mage, Manawydan. Without a boost, he's just a vanilla, however, with a boost, he can hit almost all the magic numbers, to the maximum of 21k with Sleygal Dagger's CB on at 1. Bear in mind the power bonus does not only apply to attacking the VG only, but to everybody as well. I think Manawydan will slowly find a place as the main units for GP thanks to his cost-free power up.

Same as Narukami's Breakthrough Dragon, this is going to be a staple soon (IMO). Who doesn't want a cost-free 12k attacker?

Well, what do you think? I wanted to state again that this is only a sample, so please don't come and shoot me saying that this deck doesn't work when you lose. After all, decks must be built according to your preference. Have fun! And by the way, Ren's GP deck will be up once I can conduct a playtest.


  1. Will you do up a SDD deck soon?

  2. Yes, definitely.

    I'm currently browsing through some SDD builds, and trying them out myself. Once I'm satisfied with the testing results, I shall be posting up a SDD build reference deck.

  3. What do you think should be added to this deck to make it stronger since BT07 has come out with support for GP?

  4. This is a pretty solid deck, i really like it. However, i would swap out the Holy Mages for Gigantech Destroyer. while holy mage needs to be boosted to gain his 2K boost, Destroyer only requires that you have a GP vanguard. this means he can hit a 11K vanguard without a boost, making the deck a little more consistent and playable. All in all, very good deck :)

  5. hey how much do you sell the gold paladin trial deck