Monday, May 28, 2012

Deck Dissection: Primordial Shadows

Good day and welcome to yet another edition of 'Deck Dissection' by Homura. Today, we'll be looking at another deck played by one of my friend, Rauzes.

EB-03 was released last Saturday, and the stocks that my local shop brought in were gone almost instantly as a lot of people pre-ordered a lot of boxes. I myself was trying to hunt for my Dragonic Lawkeeper but sadly I only managed to secure 3. Despite only having three Lawkeepers, I still managed to come up with a deck, and sparred a few rounds with Rauzes' Shadow Paladins, featuring the new Limit Breaker for the clan - Primordial Mage, Irudona.

Rauzes was a good player, and as expected, his deck gave me a lot of tough times thanks to Irudona's card advantage from his LB skill. I won some games, as well as him, but his deck was so interesting that I decided to share some of my opinions about it. Here's my take of the deck:

Grade 0
Fullbau x1 (FV)
Death Feather Eagle x4 (Critical)
Grim Reaper x4 (Critical)
Abyss Healer x4 (Heal)
Abyss Freezer x4 (Draw)

Grade 1
Dark Sage, Charon x4
Dark Shield, Mac Lir x3
Nostrum Witch, Arianrhod x3
Blaster Javelin x4

Grade 2
Skull Witch, Nevan x2
Dark Maiden, Maaha x3
Knight of Fighting Spirit, Dordona x3
Blaster Dark x3

Grade 3
Primordial Mage, Irudona x3
Dark Mage, Badhabh Carr x3
Phantom Blaster Dragon x2

Quite an interesting build with both Irudona and Phantom Blaster Dragon needing to 'eat' units to unlock their skills. So let's see how this deck works and the choices of cards used in this deck.

Grade 0
Fullbau is our first Vanguard. Because SP really doesn't have any viable starter, we really don't have a choice and Fullbau saves our hand till Grade 2 because of its tutoring ability for Blaster Dark. The triggers used here was quite standard, 8 Critical, 4 Draw, and 4 Heal. Stand Triggers are really quite useless in this deck as this deck aims for high damage attacks instead of multiple attacks because your G3s will 'eat' your units, leaving you with no targets to utilize your Stand Triggers.

Grade 1
Since we're using Fullbau, I attempted in using the Blaster Ride Chain by adding 4 Blaster Javelins. This can fully utilize Fullbau's skill, and also to secure a way to ride to G3 in case Irudona didn't show up. Not to mention Blaster Javelin can thin down the deck a bit. Charon is at max for his 8k boost. Arianrhod provides a way for us to cycle useless card to faster get our G3s, together with her sweet 7k power. 3 Mac Lir is quite standard.

Grade 2
The line up here is almost similar to those that were used in Phantom Blaster Overlord SP decks, minus Masquerade because we don't have enough 'Blaster' Vanguards to fully make use of him. Blaster Dark at 3 to make sure that we get him, Masquerade is replaced by Dordona (the new 10k vanilla. Besides, he looks cooler that Rugoth, LOL!), and Nevan is there for a slight boost of hand advantage.

Instantly refills your board and provides a 16k line, and also can intercept once she's not needed.

In PBO decks, Maaha is used to search out boosters and Nightmare Painters to ensure PBO become 13k. In this deck, Maaha's purpose is to refill the board with units after they have been eaten by PBD and Irudona.

Grade 3
The main units here were Irudona and PBD. Since this deck focuses more on Irudona, he's at x3 while PBD was at x2 (not to mention PBD can be searched, and he's the alternative G3 here). Irudona gives you hand advantage and +3k power (in other words, replacement fodders compared to PBD's skill, where after you eat your units, they don't come back) when you use his skill, and another automatic +3k power when you're attacking the Vanguard.

Damage or card advantage? You choose. Either way works as well...

Even if you don't use his skill, by able to hit 20k and 21k lines without cost was already good enough. PBD's purpose here was to be the alternative Vanguard with its possible 11k defense and the final push. Since both our main Vanguards consumes units as a cost, Badhabh Caar provides replacement units as well as being a 'fodder' himself.

More FOOD!!!

Here you go, my take on the new Shadow Paladin deck. Of course, the deck's stability was not as good as the Phantom Blaster Overlord build (it's a metagame deck, what do you expect?), but the deck was still very interesting and fun to play with. It provides something different besides having super high damage count, and not to mention its easy to build (Irudonas are running rampant at my local shops). Try and give it a shot, you might fell in love with it compared to the other Shadow Paladin decks out there!

That's all for this installment of Deck Dissection, stay tuned for more as I will be dissecting the newer Kagero decks that uses Dragonic Lawkeeper! Until then, Homura signing out!

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