Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You're Entering Cardfighters Unite!

Greetings to everybody, and welcome to Cardfighters Unite.

I'm sure that our blog here is definitely not the only one out there, as I myself personally know a few of my friends that write blogs about Cardfight!! Vanguard too (not to mention getting good responses).

Why I wanted to start this blog you might ask? Well, there's actually a few reasons behind it, and somehow they actually link together. Firstly, I'm a Mass Communications student majoring in writing, and I would like to write all the time to continuously polish my skills. Secondly, I'm a big fan of Vanguard, and as a fan, I want to contribute whatever ideas that I have to the community.

Unlike other blogs out there, I do not write a lot about the details of the game, like the ways of mulligan, trigger anticipation and others. Instead, I focus more on the actual gameplay itself, which includes deck strategies, deck building tips, single card discussions, and tournament reports. I focus more on these aspects because I think that those other players out there had already done a good job explaining the other aspects of the game which I do not cover.

And of course, this blog won't be solely handled by me alone. Occasionally, I'll have some contributors to help out in articles related to other clans as I don't play EVERY clan. So be sure to keep checking out this blog!

Alright, enough introduction and let's get down to business. Ready?



  1. Hi I came across your blog today and I am wondering is this strictly for the Japanese meta or do you also splash in some englis

    1. Hi there, welcome to my blog! My blog focuses on both sides of the game, but usually give more emphasis in the Japanese meta. As for the English meta, I'll touch it occasionally, but I'll write more about it if there's any requests for it.