Saturday, April 28, 2012

Field Report: Card Arena Shop Tourney 27/4/12

Hello there. Homura is back after a few days hiatus due to work. Joined a tourney yesterday and here's the tourney report for it. Enjoy!

Tournament: Card Arena Shop Tourney
Date: 27/4/12
Location: Card Arena SS15, Subang
No. of Players: 10
Deck Used: Dragonic Overlord - The End
Rounds Played: 4

1st Round vs Darren Khong (Majesty Lord Blaster)

I started, drew my opening hand, and found no Grade 3. It's still the same after I mulligan, and that made me worried about stuck halfway at Grade 2. I rode Gojo, used his skill, dropped Gatling Claw Dragon, and drew a Dragonic Overlord (phew, lucky me!). Darren rode Marron, pulled Wingal Brave behind, attacked, and I took the damage.

Mid-game he had a Blaster Dark at VG whilst mine is Nehalem. He tried to attack, hoping that it'll go through for Wingal Brave's skill to activate, but I guarded it nicely. I rode Overlord afterwards, and started my onslaught towards the Vanguard due to him being unable to find a Grade 3. Having no choice, he had to rode Swordsman of Exploding Flames, Baromedes instead, and the 10k power of his Vanguard allowed me to hammer it with 20k lines of Burning Horn Dragon boosted by Bahr. The game was sealed when my The End Persona Blast-ed and hitting a Critical Trigger when he's at 4 damage.


2nd Round vs Lelouch Wong (Mirror)

As I said previously, the mirror was the most boring matchup for my deck. Basically from early till mid game we traded blows here and there with me riding Bahr>Berserk Dragon>Overlord and him riding Bahr>Nehalem>Overlord.

I managed to guard most of his attacks, and hitting Draw Triggers for the damages that I took, whilst hitting Criticals and Heals for my own attacks. Finally I Crossride-ed into The End, and he's still stuck at Overlord. He initially tried to stop me from using The End's Persona Blast with Barri when I attacked his 9k Rear Guards with a boost by Aermo (13k +6k =19k). In the end, he can't guard anymore due to his diminishing hand advantage, and once again I sealed the game with a Persona Blast, attacked with The End that has 2 Critical, and hitting a Heal Trigger when he only guarded for a one-trigger-break.


3rd Round vs Edmond Teh (Majesty Lord Blaster)

Somehow MLB really preferred to meet against me for some reason (lol...). Basically this was quite an easy game due to the mistakes made by him, and my hand advantage. My set-ups were quite standard, maintaining field advantage while picking off his threats like 18k lines and Blaster units.

He managed to rode into MLB, and I actually took a 2-Critical, 22k hit from it because I don't want to spend anymore hand to guard and I was still very healthy thanks to my defences earlier in the game. Although his MLB now is a 12k, 2-Critical monster, the lack of Rear Guards made me easier to handle the incoming attacks, whilst my The End and 17k Rear Guard lines kept MLB at bay. As usual, I did a Persona Blast when I got the chance and I won.

After the game my friend Eugene, whom was the judge on that day said "Wow, you really damn cruel man, not giving any chance, just hammering the Vanguard only..." I replied to him saying that it's still a tourney, and I bet he himself won't let the chance of winning slip away just because your opponent is a beginner.


4th Round vs Kae Kwang (Majesty Lord Blaster)

Again MLB. Nothing much to write about since the game was very similar to my previous games. The only notable scenes were Kae Kwang found no MLB, and rode Soul Saviour Dragon instead, as well as me having The End with only 11k power.

Since I did not hit the magic number against Paladins, hence I played in a slower pace, without overextending just to nail the coffin. It paid off when my high power attacks burned off a lot of his hand cards, and the tide of battle has began to go in my favor. Yet again I managed to Persona Blast, and he had to declare 'No Guard' due to his hand being Grade 3s. I hit a Critical trigger, and sealed the game from there.


Conclusion: Won first place with 3 packs in my pocket (decided to wait until I can claim BT-06 instead). And it shows that my modified deck really works. Very satisfied with the outcome of the tourney. And another thing: Persona Blast is WIN. Period.

So this ends my Field Report for this edition. Until next time when I have a chance to try out the new metagame decks, this is Homura, signing off!

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