Monday, April 30, 2012

Field Report: Card Arena Sunday Tourney 29/4/12

Hello to everyone, this is Homura with yet another tourney report.With BT-06 'Breaker of Limits' available in Malaysia on Saturday, a lot of players were very excited to try out their new decks, namely Gold Paladins, Narukami, and Angel Feather. And of course, players that joined this tourney were using Limit Break decks mostly.

I myself have an Eisele-Garmall build Gold Paladin deck, but I prefer to go for consistency and stability in tourneys, hence I stuck with Dragonic Overlord The End. Without further ado, here's the details of the tourney.

Tournament: Card Arena Sunday Tourney
Date: 29/4/12
Location: Card Arena SS15, Subang
No.of Players: 10
Deck Used: Dragonic Overlord - The End
Rounds Played: 4

1st Round vs Zend Chou (Narukami)

Basically I don't have much pressure in this match due to my opponent was quite a new player and he is only using a Narukami TD with a single piece of Dragonic Kaiser Vermilion. The moment I Cross Ride The End, I already shut down most of his units because the highest power that his units have was 10k. With a 13k tank parked at the Vanguard Circle, I was able to maintain my hand advantage.

A 21k attack by The End to his 9k Rear Guard spells destruction as I hit a Draw Trigger, and triggered a The End after that. Without further hesitation I Persona Blasted and smashed into the red zone, triggering Tahr to seal the deal.


2nd Round vs Mok Hann Yann (Narukami)

Well this Narukami matchup was more interesting as he's obviously a better player. I went second, and sent Gojo smashing into his Red River Dragoon. He then rode Wyvern of the Cursed Cannon and attacked. I then progressed from Gojo to Nehalem and then to Dragonic Overlord, whilst he was stuck at the Wyvern. Although I had the advantage of having Twin Drive, but I was lacking on boosters at the back row. With that, I can't pile up the pressure during mid game. Mok then rode into Dragonic Deathscythe, blasted away my Aermo which was my only booster at that time.

I Cross Rode into The End, but I'm still lacking boosters, making my Persona Blast attempts less threatening and easier to guard against. While I finally found boosters for my units, Mok rode into Dragonic Kaiser Vermilion, activated his Limit Break skill, and zapping off my attackers this time.

After a while more of trading blows here and there, I finally lost despite I already forced him to the dead end. Why? because I failed to apply pressure during early game due to bad draws (and lack of boosting units) and missing a lot of triggers that time.


3rd Round vs Ryan Kai (Narukami)

Yet another Narukami matchup, but with the added flavor of the Djinns found in the TD. My startup was Bahr>Burning Horn>Dragonic Overlord for my first 3 turns, whilst his was Red River Dragoon>Thunderstorm Dragoon>Djinn of the Lightning Flash. For this match I opted to go with a slower pace, picking off his threats slowly and guarding quite a lot of his attacks. This is because Ryan was quite an experienced player in terms of calculations and strategy planning since his Yugioh days, whilst I'm more of a tactician, playing and adopting tactics based on the field.

During mid to late game, I clearly had the advantage in terms of damage (1 for me, 4 for him), and hand cards (9 for me, 5 for him), but still I can't be careless about the game. He rode Thunder Break Dragon on top of his Djinn, and blasted away my 20k lines (Burning Horn + Bahr) with it and Dragonic Deathscythe.

I still can't get my Persona Blast go off since Ryan guarded all of The End's attacks with nulls. And I was about to exhaust my deck completely because I hit a lot of Draw Triggers, and dragging the game. But chance came when he nullified too many of The End's attacks, which left him with only 3 cards + 2 G3s that he Drive Checked earlier. And thanks to me hitting nothing except for Draws and Heals, most of my Criticals were still intact. I smashed into his Deathscythe, he opted for a one-trigger-break. I triggered a Heal, recovered one damage and broke through his guard, Persona Blasted and slammed into Thunder Break again. He can't guard it, and a timely Critical ended the longest game that night.


4th Round vs Witnes (Dragonic Overlord - The End)

As expected, I'm playing against a mirror (can't be helped, isn't it?), and the deck was almost similar to mine, besides some tech choices. I went second, and was lucky to drew Dragonic Overlord on my first draw phase because I don't have a grade 3 in my hand after I mulligan. I went from Gojo>Nehalem>Overlord>The End, whilst Witnes completed his ride until Grade 3 with Bahr>Nehalem>Overlord>The End.

We were quite ferocious in trading blows, but his was harder thanks to double Burning Horn Dragon + Bahr that kept on harassing my Vanguard. He called out Flame of Promises, Aermo behind his The End, and I immediately retired it with Berserk Dragon, because if left alone, it'll be a nuisance to me with its 10k boost.

At one point I have to take my 6th damage, but Genjo put me back into the fight, and with revitalized vigor, The End kept going into the red zone, and finally Witnes succumbed after a couple of turns later.


Conclusion: Both Witnes and me were tied for the top 2, but since I beat him in the final match, I became first (yet again, so happy, heh.). I won 3 packs of BT-06, and pulled crap out of them (stupid box GRRR!!!). But I'm happy because even though that Limit Break is slowly reforming the metagame, I can still hold it with the same old The End, and it proves that Persona Blast and 13k Vanguards were still standing strong.

Another tourney done, another report done. Be sure to keep tuning into this blog as I'll start posting articles about deckbuilding and single card discussions, since BT-06 is out! Until then, this is Homura, signing off!


  1. Can I know what time and day does Card Arena opens?

    1. Normally opens on 12pm onwards. They're only closed on Tuesday.