Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Calm Before The Storm: Choose Your Avatar Pt.1

Hi there, Homura here, and welcome to Cardfighters Unite!

I'll be bringing up a new column today, which is 'Calm Before The Storm' (CBTS). Bascially, this column will have articles about tactics, game plays, lore, and other random stuff which I can think of (lol!). Well, let's get started before the storm really hits in!

'Choose Your Avatar' is a article analyzing the clans of VG, and it'll be broken down to a few parts, featuring a clan in each installment. Today's featured clan will be the one of the dominating clan of the current format-Kagero


In game, Kagero embodies the aspect of Destruction. Their main advantages of the game are higher-than-average raw power, speed, and their trademark-retiring.

One of the special things that Kagero have is the speed to Superior Ride into Grade 3s, gaining a 2-turn advantage over your opponent, or chase up to your opponent if you go second.

But the main highlight of this clan is their retiring power. Retiring effects generates a +1 to your field, and a -1/-2 to your opponent, because now your opponent has to either put another one down to maintain board advantage, or risk the lack of power. Kagero has cards that retire units from all Grades, thus allowing you to retire their most threatening units.

Also, Kagero Grade 3s are the most versatile among all the clans out there, having various utility effects that can change the tide of the battlefield.

Dragonic Waterfall (Power): A 13k Vanguard beatstick by itself, potential to go to 21k and 31k with a excess G3 in hand and boosted by Bahr.

Dragonic Overlord (Advantage/Defense): A devastating effect that instantly nets you board/hand advantage, packed together with a sweet 11k power, nice for offense and defense.

Sealed Dragon Blockade (Negation): With the ability to prevent intercepting, it means that your opponent has to spend more hand cards to guard, and an easier 'FINAL TURN' from you.

Blazing Flare Dragon (Retiring): One of the best retiring cards available for Kagero, BFD can virtually obliterate whoever that he doesn't like, and gaining a power boost from there as well.

Embodiment of Victory, Aleph (Speed): One of the Superior Ride chains together with BFD. Instant 2-turn advantage and +2 hand if you go first (TWIN DRIVE!!).

Of course, there are other Grade 3s as well, but it's totally up to the player's choice to include which one in their decks. And with the introduction of BT-05, Kagero has evolved into the next level with the appearance of their newest ace unit: Dragonic Overlord-The End.

DOTE restricts you to building your deck around it, but the advantages it provides in return are just too good. Firstly, you gain a 13k power Vanguard at all times (if Overlord is in your soul). Secondly, you gain a very powerful Persona Blast, which nets you a minimum of a +3 and a possible game ender. THE END?

Although Kagero has all these powerful effects, a Kagero player must think carefully when to use his CB where there's not much options to regain CB besides heal triggers and Bellycoisty Dragon.

So in conclusion, Kagero is a very competitive clan to play, and it's also beginner friendly. Because of the variety of decks that you can build, think twice before choosing the build you'll be focusing on.

Pros: Speed, Power, Advantage all in one / Beginner friendly / Auto-pilot (in a sense)
Cons: Pricey (in terms of both ability and wallet cost, depending on build) / Difficulty in looking for certain key cards.
Rating: 4.5/5

Here you go, the first installment of CBTS. Quite a lengthy one isn't it (sorry about that lol~)? Hope those that wanted to pick up Kagero will have a better understanding of the clan inside-out. Join me again next time for another installment of CBTS, or if you wanted to know more about a certain clan, do request for a 'Choose Your Avatar' written for them! Until then, this is Homura, signing out!

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