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Field Report: Card Arena On-Demand-Tourney 16/4/12

Hello there and this is your friendly Cardfighter Homura speaking.

As the first 'official' post of the blog, Field Report is the column where I will be posting reports of tournaments that I've joined, plus those from other contributors (if they still remember the fights they had). Well, let's get started!

Tournament: Card Arena On-Demand-Tourney
Date: 16/4/12
Location: Card Arena SS15, Subang
No. of Players: 10
Deck Used: Dragonic Overlord-The End
Rounds: 4

1st Round vs Leon (Deathrex Tachikaze)

He starts the game with Sonic Noa and passes. I rode Bahr, attacked with Conroe's boost. He rode Blightops as his G2, calling out a Megarex and a Black Cannon Tiger behind it. I have to let his Critical Trigger to go back into the deck as I don't want to waste a lot of cards to guard. My turn I rode Nehalem, smashed into his Blightops hitting a Critical Trigger.

Leon finally brought out Deathrex, and sent forth his army of Dino Dragons into my then Dragonic Overlord. On my turn I managed to Cross Ride into The End, and took the game from there with 21k and 20k attacks (Burning Horn + Bahr)


2nd Round vs QHong (Neo Nectar)

This was a scary game for me, because I thought I was going to lose due to stuck Grade at Nehalem for 3 consecutive turns. Qhong already had Maiden of Trailing Rose ready, together with other 15k lines. To add salt to the wound, my Drive checks and Damage check were all misses, and the Triggers keep coming up to my hand. Since I'm losing advantage of Twin Drive, I have to send in whatever attackers that I drew into the fray, hoping to end the game ASAP.

Somehow, the Triggers in my hand serves to be a blessing in disguise, as the 10k shields helped me to survive the onslaught when I'm still stuck at G2.

After almost spending my entire hand to guard, I finally drew The End. Although it's only 11k, but I couldn't care much since what I need now is to regain my hand advantage. As Qhong was already in 4 damage, I just keep on pummeling his Vanguard non-stop, and my effort paid off as he used up his hand to guard as well. I survived his counter attack, and took the game with The End hitting a Critical Trigger to end it.


3rd Round vs Lawrence (Dragonic Overlord-The End)

One of the most boring matchups ever, the Kagero Mirror Match. Basically when pitted against a Kagero player, it's just basically a game of non-stop retiring, and trading blows with high-power attacks. Nothing much to be surprised, unless you managed to pull The End's Persona Blast multiple times.

Our starting moves were quite basic until G2 (Bahr>Nehalem for me, and Bahr>Bellicoisty for Lawrence). I rode Dragonic Overlord on my turn, then Cross Ride to The End the next, whilst he also did the same, and then the process of trading blows started. The thing worth noting here is Lawrence does not have a boost for his The End, meaning that he was only attacking me for 13k each turn. Since he does not have power, I can guard easier, spending only a 10k shield for a 2 trigger pass.

As for my side, I have a constant 3-attack lineup, and all of them require a 10k guard at least. I managed to pull of my Persona Blast once, and took the game when he guarded with only '1 trigger pass' worth of shield, and me triggering Blu-Ray Dracokid. After the match I asked him why can't he defend my attacks, and he told me that his hand only consists of 5k shields, and a The End (maybe he was aiming for a Persona Blast to search out boosters).


4th Round vs Ryan Kai (Dragonic Overlord-The End)

Again another mirror. Though it's kinda inevitable because the majority of players were playing The End.

Ryan was a good Yugioh player, and I did not doubt his skills in Vanguard as well, as he really put up a fight against me. The early game was the same as my previous round, and both of us have a 13k The End set up for late game. Since the numbers does not matter unless it's a multiple of 5, he opted to put Flame of Hope Aermo to help him in filtering redundant cards, while my booster is Bahr.

I tried my best to prevent him from doing his Persona Blast, and pulled one from my own The End, hitting a Draw Trigger on my initial Twin Drive. He also hit a trigger for his damage check. Basically the game ended after I Persona Blasted, and hitting a Tahr in my next Twin Drive, while he can only guard for 10k.


Conclusion: It has been a while since my deck has performed that well. I won 3 packs (pulled out crap rares) from the tourney, and overall I'm satisfied with my deck because this tourney gave me a chance to test out my modded deck.

Well, that's it for Field Report today, and I shall see you again later with more interesting tourney reports from me, as well as my fellow contributors! This is Homura, signing off!

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