Friday, July 27, 2012

Calm Before the Storm: More Aqua Force! (and an annoucement)

Hello guys, Homura here with more Aqua Force goodies to share with you all. Just a small announcement, from next week onward I'll be shifting to another location for my work, hence you might not see me that often anymore when it comes to posting articles (apparently no internet connection there, hence I can only write at night). But don't worry, you'll still hear from me, so make sure to let me know anything that you desire to gain more information in, and I'll try my best to present them to you all.

Well, without further ado, let's begin the article by showing you some more cards from the new Aqua Force Trial Deck, Descendants of the Marine Emperor; as well as some cards from the next booster set for JP, BT-08 Blue Storm Armada.

Hydro Hurricane Dragon

The second Limit Breaker for Aqua Force which will be out in BT-08. Lets have a look at its skills:

ACT [V] Limit Break 4: [CB2] Until the end of this turn, this unit gets +3000 power, and gains "AUTO [V]: When this unit's attack hits a Vanguard, if the number of battles this turn is four or more, retire all of your opponent's Rear Guards."
AUTO [V]: When this unit attacks a Vanguard, this unit gets +3000 power until the end of that battle.
Looks familiar? It is actually a combination of Demon Slaying Knight, Lohengrin and Soul Saviour Dragon. The only down side of its skills is that you need to activate it first, giving your opponent prior information of what are you going to do. However, this can also be an advantage to you by baiting out null guards. Take advantage of Aqua Force's Wave Pattern strategy and you are able to launch very devastating effects towards your opponent. At normal times, Hydro Hurricane Dragon is still a 21k beater when boosted by Tear Knight, Theo (8k vanilla) or 23k when boosted by Battle Siren, Dorothea (after you unlocked the requirements).

Storm Rider Diamantes & Storm Rider Bashir

These two guys are the best initiator for you wave pattern attacks. The G2 is Bashir, and the G3 is Diamantes, and both of them share the same skill:

AUTO [R]: When this unit attacks, and this is the first battle of the turn, during that battle, this unit gets +2000 power. During the close step of this unit's battle, choose one other <Aqua Force> Rear Guard at the same column, and exchange their positions (This doesn't change the cards's orientation).
These cards' functions are to net you more attacks to unlock your wave patterns. A simple trick to use them is to put them in the same row with an attacker, and attack with the Storm Riders first. Then you can attack again with the unit behind, and that will net you 2 battles for the turn, with your Vanguard and the other Rear Guard (if any) still able to attack. Most likely a staple in any Aqua Force decks.

Jadeite Shield, Paschalis

Of course, you can't complete a deck without the null guard right? ^_^

Marine General of the Roaring Seas, Argos

Argos is a 9k Grade 2 from the new TD-07 with a similar ability like Kirara clones, which is to draw a card. The only thing you need to take note is his attack must be the fourth or more attack, and you must hit the Vanguard in order to activate his skill. Not really relevant in the TD build unless you hit a Stand Trigger, but he will be played widely when BT-08 is out.

Marine General of the High Tides, Xenophon

Another card given in the Trial Deck, Xenophon is basically a clone of Oracle Think Tank's Sky Witch, Nana, albeit with a different requirement for the power boost. Similar to most Aqua Force units, you need to conduct a certain number of battles to unlock Xenophon's power up. As long as Xenophon's battle is the third battle or onward, Xenophon gets +3k when he's the Vanguard, or +1k when he's a Rear Guard. He might see some usage when the Trial Deck is released, but I think that when BT-08 is out, together with the Storm Riders, he'll have lesser screen time as his power up is not that impressive as a Rear Guard (if he gets +2k then its a different story).

Here you go, a little bit more spoilers for you all. The cover unit for BT-08 is not spoiled yet, but I think it'll be something on par with Naval Geyser Dragon and Hydro Hurricane Dragon (fingers crossed). Yes, and this concludes my article for today, and might be my last article until god knows when. Anyway, do keep following my blog, as I won't be totally MIA from it.

Till then, have fun, and wish me luck at my new office (which will be at a construction site LOL!)


  1. Egad sigh read a bad translation for Hydro Hurricane so sad... Was hoping for a 13k Vanguard ah well at least Dimension Police get their crossride. Watch Aqua Force get a crossride just because lol.

    Good luck with that new office.

  2. IMO Aqua Force might be a bit on the slow side, you know; having to set up and all. And this leads them to the vulnerability towards any Rear-guard retiring ability like Berserk Dragon's, Blaster Blade's, etc. Hopefully they can make up for it with a bit of brute strength or Stand triggers, lol.

    All in all, it will be a fun Clan to use...I'm gonna get the Trial Deck once it becomes available in English though...who knows when that will be...

    Thanks for the article and keep it up!!

  3. how much is yhe aqua force trial deck in RM