Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Randomization: Cheating Caught in 2012 Fighters' Road

This post is somewhat related to my previous post about people cheat in the game. Apparently, a real case just happened in the 2012 Fighters' Road Japanese Nationals.

According to Bushiroad's official report, one player was caught cheating by attempting to 'pinpoint' his triggers by marking his sleeves/double sleeves. In any official events, cheating is strictly prohibited, and of course, he paid the consequences of doing so.

He was instantly disqualified from the tournament, and he also suffered a 18-month ban from playing in any Bushiroad sanctioned tournaments (which include shop tourneys, special tourneys, Regionals and Nationals). In short, no more competitive Vanguard for him starting from 23/7/2012 to 22/1/2014.

Serves him right.

Kudos for the Bushiroad officials for being such effective and alert in catching these people. These retarded idiots thought they can cheat away and be happy with it, but they should remember: You can run, but you can't hide. Eventually you'll get caught.

I just hope that when sanctioned tourneys are held in my country, the officials should be more vigilant, and don't try to 'side' with those people (as I know certain officials are quite good friends with those people). The best is Bushiroad send in their own judges to our tournaments.

By allowing these people to remain in the community, it'll just destroy the game. Existing players will quit the game, and new players will be discouraged from starting the game, just because of these few retarded idiots. Not to say I'm specifically aiming these people, but come on, if you wanna win, win with your own skills.

As I said earlier, if you win because you cheat, its because you cheat, not because you're skilled. Strip off your ability to cheat, you're just nothing. Don't try to destroy your reputation just for some temporary fame. And don't let me caught you doing so, because I WILL destroy your reputation (these people deserve a lesson, a harsh lesson).

That's all for now, Homura signing out.


  1. problem is,will Malaysia's tournament organizer follow the strict rules as them?

  2. I hope they will, since the tournament is a sanctioned one. Really don't want to see a good game like this one become horrible thanks to those people.

  3. If only Bushiroad had just as effectively catching cheater and responding to email complains for WS.. I wouldn't have quit WS.. But glad they do so for vanguard.. Otherwise I'm going to quit vanguard as well if there's any cheater in my area..