Monday, July 16, 2012

The Parallel Vision: Pale Moon Circus

Hey guys. Today I'll be bringing with me a post that most EN players are longing for - Pale Moon. One thing that I need to say before I progress, frankly speaking I'm never a Pale Moon player, so if you think you have a better idea that mine, go ahead and try it. For this post, I'll try my best to provide what I can understand from my experience in trying Pale Moon and playing against them.

BT-03 for EN is coming soon within a month's time, and as expected, the hype generated is so high that everybody is anticipating to play the new clans featured inside, especially Pale Moon. Pale Moon is a clan that focuses on the Soul, just like its fellow Dark Zone clan, Dark Irregulars. However, unlike DI, Pale Moon focuses more on the 'Quality' of your Soul, instead of the 'Quantity'.

The specialty of Pale Moon is their 'tagging' ability from Soul. With a few units available for them that possess this ability, Pale Moon can generate a flurry of attacks just like Spike Brothers, but the advantage of Pale Moon's tagging is they won't lose presence. Let's have a look at a Pale Moon sample decklist upon the release of BT-03:

Grade 0
Underworld Manager x1 (FV)
Dynamite Juggler x4 (Critical)
Candy Pierrot x4 (Heal)
Rainbow Magician x4 (Draw)
Spiral Master x4 (Draw)

Grade 1
Turquoise Beast Tamer x3
Underworld Hypnotist x4
Midnight Bunny x4
Skull Juggler x3

Grade 2
Crimson Beast Tamer x4
Barking Cerberus x4
Mirror Demon x3

Grade 3
Nightmare Doll Alice x3
Dusk Illusionist, Robert x3
Barking Manticore x2

With only the basic cards available for Pale Moon, the deck focuses more on either Robert's Megablast, or Manticore's beatdown strategy with only enough tagging units to not clog the deck space further.

Grade 0

The only starter viable for PM, Underworld Manager is a unit that doesn't Superior Call itself after you ride a G1 Pale Moon. Instead, he gives you one Soul upon riding. The trigger lineup focuses more on Draws, with a total of eight Draw Triggers available. Nothing else interesting for the G0 lineup.

Grade 1
The interesting side here for the G1 lineup is the exclusion of the 8k vanilla, Dark Metal Bicorn. Because Pale Moon is full of utility units that is quite important for the deck, there's really no slot to put in the Bicorn. Since we have abundance of drawing power, the null guard is at maximum. Skull Juggler is to provide Soul upon coming into play so that you can fill up more units (hopefully the ones that can tag).

Midnight Bunny is the core G1 of the deck because of her tagging skill. Being a 7k power booster, she's still good on the field even if you don't get to tag her in or out.

The secondary G1 unit is none other than Turquoise Beast Tamer. As long as you have Crimson Beast Tamer in your Soul, she's a formidable 9k booster, being able to bring your units to more than 16k total power when attacking.

Grade 2

The unit that plays the most important part in the deck at Grade 2 is Turquoise's sister, Crimson Beast Tamer. As long as she's in your Soul, all your other Crimson Beast Tamers will also get a +3k during your turn. And when you pair her together with her sister, it's a 20k line during your turn.

Mirror Demon is the G2 version of Midnight Bunny. His advantage besides his tagging ability is he can attack, as well as Intercept. Personally I would not play more than 3 of him, since there are too many 8k units in the deck and I don't want to provide too many easy targets for my opponent.

Grade 3

The Grade 3 lineup for Pale Moon allows us to have a few varieties in our decks. Barking Manticore is our beatdown option. Upon appearing as a Vanguard, you may draw a card, and Soulcharge a card from your hand. This is a good skill, where you can SC your Crimson Beast Tamer if you can't do it previously. Manticore also gets a +3k attacking bonus while Crimson is in your Soul.

Dusk Illusionist, Robert is the control side of the deck. With the same Soulcharging skill as CEO Amaterasu, you can literally manipulate your triggers. He also comes with a devastating Megablast, which can instantly break your opponent's back row by putting all their G1 or below units into their Soul. Though the Megablast is quite hard to achieve, the Soulcharging skill is enough to win you games.

The G3 tagger, Nightmare Doll, Alice is our utility G3. Personally I wouldn't mind riding Alice first, because you can just reride after that and Alice will be in your Soul. Alice is the main threat here. By having multiple Alices on field, especially when boosted by Midnight Bunnies, your opponent will definitely waste their hand to guard because once the attack goes through, 2 units will instantly come out, creating a new attacking line.

So here you go, Pale Moon in BT-03 for the EN environment. For now, I would say Pale Moon is like a rookie circus, whereby only the basics are included. But this provides a good platform to learn the specialties of Pale Moon without taxing your brain too much. Once BT-07 for EN hits in, that's when the real show starts. So until then, have fun being the Troupe Master for Pale Moon!


  1. Sankyuuu Homura !
    Finally you made the Pale Moon for English XD .
    I did wait for quite some time :D .

  2. Homura , I have a question , For example Cerberus boosted by Midnight Bunny , and it hits .
    I counterblast 1 for Bunny , and in my soul there is another bunny , Can i take it out ?

    1. No, it clearly states that "...choose a «Pale Moon» other than a card named "Midnight Bunny" from your soul..."

    2. Really ?
      Damn, i've been conned !
      My friends said you can take another Midnight Bunny as long as it isnt the midnight bunny you put in.

    3. Yes, as stated by my friend Aki, you can't pull out another Midnight Bunny, as the card states that call a Rear Guard other than a card named 'Midnight Bunny'.

      Or else the tagging units will be overpowered for what they can do compared with the cost.

  3. Is there any chance for you to do a Murakumo deck, Dragonmaster_Homura?

    1. Yes, definitely. I'll try my best to satisfy my readers in any way possible.

      Currently I'm actually quite tied up with work, but rest assured, I'll be back on track very soon and you'll see more from me.

      I used to own a Murakumo deck before, so I guess I'm still somewhat qualified to do a deck dissection about it, haha...

  4. So..bladewing dark irregular or alice pale moon?