Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Parallel Vision: Moon and Sun for VGE

Hey there, it's me again for another edition of 'The Parallel Vision'. In today's edition, I'll be talking about one of the format's defining deck, and the deck that most players of the English environment is anticipating for - Moon and Sun.

What is 'Moon and Sun'? This deck is actually an Oracle Think Tank deck that has become the most dominant deck for the Japanese format before the advent of Persona Blasters. And thanks to the release of BT-03 for the EN community, you guys can finally experience one of the most interesting and skill-based decks of all times. Guys, meet the star of the deck:

Before I put up a decklist, let me describe how this deck is played. Basically, this deck is your CEO Amaterasu deck of BT-01, but with a lot of upgrades. With the Tsukuyomi series accessible for us, not only OTT's drawing power is improved, but their overall offensive and defensive capabilities as well thanks to Full Moon's 11k power. Now, let's have a look at the list:

Grade 0
Godhawk, Ichibyoshi x1 (FV)
Psychic Bird x4 (Critical)
Oracle Guardian Nike x2 (Critical)
Miracle Kid x3 (Draw)
Dream Eater x3 (Draw)
Lozenge Magus x4 (Heal)

Grade 1
Goddess of the Crescent Moon, Tsukuyomi x4
Oracle Guardian Gemini x4
Battle Sister, Chocolat x4
Battle Sister, Vanilla x2

Grade 2
Goddess of the Half Moon, Tsukuyomi x4
Oracle Guardian Red-Eye x3
Silent Tom x2
Oracle Guardian Wiseman x3

Grade 3
Goddess of the Full Moon, Tsukuyomi x4
CEO Amaterasu x3

You see, there's actually not much changes from the older builds, just that now, you've got better options. Your deck starts performing when you hit the 6th Soul, which will unlock several skills of your units. Now let's take a tour of how this deck works.

Grade 0

Without a doubt, Ichibyoshi is the starter for this deck. Ichibyoshi does not have the Superior Call skill like most other starters, but it allows you to check the top five cards of your deck, and if you found a Crescent Moon among the five, you can Superior Ride it, and skip your Normal Ride Phase. This skill not only allows you to gain a free Ride, but also can potentially remove up to five non-triggers from your deck, thus increasing the odds of your triggers to hit during checks.

Although Tsukuyomi increases the draw power of your deck, you still need sufficient draw to maintain your hand sizes, hence the 6 Critical, 6 Draw trigger lineup. Psychic Bird is a good card to help you bump your Soul to 6, plus it nets you a card.

Grade 1

At G1 we have Crescent Moon Tsukuyomi. She's a 7k unit, and shares the same skill as Ichibyoshi (to search for Half Moon of course). 4x of Gemini is standard, and 4x of null guard is viable for OTT because you'll most likely have extra cards to spare for the null's cost.

Battle Sister, Vanilla is an interesting choice. At normal times, she's a 6k unit. But when your Soul hits 6, she becomes a 10k Shield thanks to her skill. Very good for that time when you're 5k-10k shield short to guard.

Grade 2
Another successful ride will bring your Crescent Moon into her G2 form, Goddess of the Half Moon, Tsukuyomi. Half Moon is a 9k unit, which is a decent number (able to hit any VG with a boost, and sometimes soloing RGs). She also shares the same skill as her G1 form, where upon success, you can complete the chain by riding into Full Moon Tsukuyomi.

Her second skill is the key skill. Upon appearing in the VG circle, if your Soul has both Ichibyoshi and Crescent Moon, you may Soulcharge 2. By doing so, it instantly bumps your Soul count to 5, just one short from unlocking your units' skills. But bear in mind, if the chain ride fails at any point, the Soulcharge doesn't happen.

Another new unit that we'll add in the deck is Oracle Guardian Red-Eye. Red-Eye is a clone of Blue Dust from the Dark Irregulars clan. Upon a successful attack, you may SC1 if your VG is an OTT unit (duh!). It is also good to bump in the 6th Soul and its stats also makes it a good Rear Guard.

Silent Toms and Wisemans are there to fill up the aggro role with their power and skills. If you intend to play more defensively, you can include in Security Guardian (Special Interceptor) for the extra defense.

Grade 3
At the pinnacle of the Ride Chain is the Goddess of the Full Moon, Tsukuyomi. Full Moon is the first OTT unit with a printed 11k power. However, the downside is, if you don't have Ichibyoshi, Crescent Moon, and Half Moon in your soul, she's only a 9k.

Barring her penalty aside, she has a very good skill to back her up. Upon having 6 Soul, you may activate her skill by paying CB2. If you paid the cost, you can draw 2 cards from your deck, and then Soulcharge one card from your hand. This is good filtering tactic for you to dish out useless cards like Draw Triggers or redundant G3s.

To play around with Full Moon's power deduction penalty, we have Amaterasu to back her up. As a VG, Amaterasu can SC every turn and allows you to check the top card of your deck. If you're lucky, you may be able to charge in the missing Tsukuyomi components, and reride into Full Moon for her maximum benefit. Otherwise, you can still dictate triggers with Amaterasu's skill. Her +4k power boost when you have 4 or more cards in your hand is also good enough to punch through any VG in the game with a boost.

So what do you think? In the JP format, this is OTTs best deck ever before new cards for Coco are introduced. As for the EN environment, I think this deck will definitely make an impact in the metagame. There's actually a trick to play this deck, but that trick is for me to know, and for you to find out ^_^

Have fun with this deck guys, and this is Homura signing off!


  1. Trick: Using the Tsukoyomi's ride chain effects, cycle through the cards and stack your triggers. Assuming you only use Tsukoyomi's cycle effect, you get to stack 12 Cards (Assuming you got to Superior Ride successfully per turn).

    Once you get to your stack, go Trigger Happy :D

  2. ....D-dragonmaster.... D-Did you see the new Dimensional Police cards? A Limit Break Crossrider...

    1. W-With 15k and 1 Cr-Crit-Criti- +1 CRITICAL!!!!!

  3. Should I replace one of each for two Evil-eye Princess, Euryale on the deck? or Should I not?