Saturday, November 3, 2012

Randomization: Sorry for the long absence...

Hey there, Homura here with just a short post to explain why am I absent from updating my blog recently.

Firstly, my work is getting heavier, and I don't have access to the internet yet at my other office (which happens to be a construction site). Hence I don't really have much times to update my blog.

Furthermore, there's still a long way to go before any new stuffs are coming in, so hopefully you guys will stay together with me when I continue my updates once I come back from AFA12 next week. ( i should be reviewing stuff from EB-04/EB-05/BT-09 by then if I get more information about those sets)

The most important reason why I'm neglecting the blog for quite some while is because recently, my entire legacy of Vanguard was stolen. Yes, meaning all my decks, spares, collection folders, trade folders, and whatever you name it were gone. GONE FOREVER. I shall refrain from talking about this heartbreaking incident as it'll just bring back bad memories.

I'll admit, this incident did make me lose interest of the game already, as it'll be really crazy to spend a fortune again to rebuild all the decks I've lost. Not to say I don't have the money, but it's the time and effort to hunt and bargain for the cards that I don't really want to spend. But thankfully, my friend has a Narukami bundle with 4x of every card and he's giving it to me for a reasonable price, hence my loss is not that pain after all.

Well, throughout this period I have been receiving supports from most of my friends, and I would like to thank them. If not, I won't be returning back to Vanguard anymore.

Alright, rants aside, I would like you guys to be more patient and stay together with me. Although I'm really lagging and slacking in posting, I promise that I'll continue providing you guys reading materials. Until then, this is Homura, signing off for now...


  1. I would like to ask whether Card Arena in Subang is still in business. Would like to drop by some day and get a deck.

  2. don't worry homura we will always be with you and support you!!

  3. someone bothering to steal CFV when it is undoubtedly the most affordable game out there?

  4. peoples nowaday. stealing even for a hobby >:/