Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Deck Dissection: Let's Go Sisters!

Hey guys, Homura is back with yet another deck dissection for you all as per request from one of my readers, this time featuring the new Extra Booster for Oracle Think Tanks: Celestial Valkyries. EB-05 is a joint release with EB-04 Infinite Phantom Legion, which is the Nova Grappler Extra Pack, and this extra booster features a lot of reprints of staples fro m the older sets, as well as the 'Battle Sister' archetype featuring OTT's first ever LB unit.

When Vanguard is still in its early days, Battle Sisters are occasionally featured in every booster, which at least one new card in the majority of the sets. At that point of time, Battle Sisters only played a supportive role, and there's no main unit for this archetype. Hence, this set is welcomed by a lot of players, especially existing OTT players that are yearning for a LB unit for the clan. Without further ado, I'll post up my take on the Battle Sister deck and how it is played.

Grade 0
Battle Sister, Eclair x1 (FV)
Battle Sister, Ginger x4 (Critical)
Psychic Bird x3 (Critical)
Battle Sister, Tiramisu x4 (Draw)
Dream Eater x1 (Draw)
Battle Sister, Chai x4 (Heal)

Grade 1
Oracle Guardian, Gemini x4
Battle Sister, Chocolat x4
Battle Sister, Cocoa x3
Dark Cat x4

Grade 2
Battle Sister, Tart x4
Battle Sister, Maccaron x4
Battle Sister, Mocha x3

Grade 3
Battle Sister, Fromage x4
Battle Sister, Souffle x3

A quite simple and straightforward deck I would say, just smash face with a bunch of cute and angry nuns. This archetype is the most aggressive build of OTT decks. Without much combat tricks, this deck just aims to hit hard, VERY HARD. Moving on to the choices of cards:

Grade 0

For the starter slot, I chose Eclair as the starter instead of the new Battle Sister, Waffle. The reason behind this choice is because I don't want to stuck grade and also I will want Fromage to be in my hand. Eclair allows you to fish the top five cards of your deck for a OTT Grade 3 by paying CB1.  This gives you a chance to get the G3 you want and at the same time can also filter out 1 shieldless card out from your deck, assuming your fishing is successful. But if you prefer calling out a free unit, Waffle can be a good choice. So it's really up to the user's preference.

The trigger lineup is my favorite beatdown trigger lineup, which is 7-5-4. Almost everything here are Battle Sisters except for Psychic Bird and Dream Eater, because the bird is good on itself thanks to its self replacing skill. Since Battle Sisters like drawing cards as well, the more the merrier isn't it?

Grade 1
4x 8k vanilla and 4x Battle Sister, Chocolat is so standard that I don't even wanna talk about it, lol. Dark Cat's usage here is also quite self explanatory: a 7k booster with an CIP draw 1 card skill, why not? Now, we have a long time absentee from most Oracle decks, and now she's finally back in action. Enter Battle Sister, Cocoa.

During the early days of Vanguard, Cocoa was almost an auto include in all OTT decks thanks to her 'forecasting' ability. And the same reason is why she's finally making a comeback in this 'Battle Sister' deck. Battle Sisters is an aggressive deck, and Cocoa's skill to allow us to potentially pre-determine the trigger location is very valuable. This skill can also be used as a feint, whereby you can leave a blank card on top, causing your opponent to believe that the card most likely is a trigger, and proceed to overguard. Quite a neat skill in a 'neat' body huh?

Grade 2

The Grade 2 Battle Sisters will be the mainstay beaters of the deck. Each and every Battle Sister in the G2 lineup is either high in raw power, or possess a skill to power themselves up. Battle Sister, Tart is the new G2 10k vanilla for OTT, with an added advantage for being a Battle Sister (which means she synergizes with the overall deck strategy). Finally we can throw Wiseman away for a cuter girl, heh!

Following the lineup is Battle Sister, Mocha and Battle Sister, Maccarone. I don't need to explain much about Mocha, since she's already quite a mainstay card. A potential 11k beater with an easy condition to fulfill, and also a Battle Sister, why not?

Battle Sister, Maccarone is the Battle Sister customized beater. Basically she's a clone of units which needs a Vanguard with [Insert Name Here] in the name to gain a +3000 power up, in this case it'll be a Battle Sister Vanguard. a 12k beater by herself, you can easily form multiple 20k lines in this deck.

Grade 3
To fill up the G3 slot we have 2 different types of Battle Sisters. First up of course, is the main card of the deck: Battle Sister, Fromage. Fromage is the first ever Limit Breaker for OTT and for a LB debutante, I would say that she's quite decent, and fills in the role of beatdown very good.

Fromage is a 10k unit, but can become a 14k monstrosity when you have four or more Battle Sister RGs on your turn. Her condition was fairly easy to fulfill, considering that you have a total of 38 cards which has 'Battle Sister' in their names. Together with the same condition, you can unlock her Limit Break as well. Fromage's LB is an ACT skill, which allows you to CB3 and draw two cards. This allows you to add more hand cards, churn out more units to fight, and this skill also synergizes very well with Cocoa's forecasting skill.

Filling up the other G3 slot is Battle Sister, Souffle. Souffle is a 10k unit that gains a +2000 power when boosted by an OTT unit. Comboing with Gemini, you can have 20k lines easily. Even though you can't field Gemini because of Fromage, she can still hit for quite hard with any given booster. The most important thing? She's a Battle Sister too!

Alright, here's my analysis of the Battle Sister deck. Frankly, I liked this deck a lot because it's a beatdown deck (I'm a beatdown fan), and the deck can also gain you card advantage while maintaining its beatdown potential (unlike Tsukuyomi and CEO builds, whereby sometimes you have to forgo the overall offensiveness of the deck bacause of the drawing power). Too bad I'm slanting more towards Nova Grappler now, if not I'll definitely give this deck a try. So for you guys out there, do try it out and let me know how it feels to smash face with angry chicks!


  1. Cream and cookie from bt09?

  2. I was the reader who requested the Battle-Sisters deck. Thanks, Homura-san.

    Question: do you think it's odd that "Battle Sister, Mocha" is the only Human in the Battle Sisters, even though she clearly has elf ears like the other Battle Sisters?

    @Anon: cookie and cream aren't here because this Battle Sisters deck is only made with cards from EB05. Hence the absence of the duo.

  3. I wish I could build that, I can't believe there is a card for £155 though!

  4. I'm following your deck suggestion for Battle Sisters. Are there any battle sisters that can be subbed for Gemini and Dark Cat?

  5. I'm following your deck suggestion for Battle Sisters. Are there any battle sisters that can be subbed for Gemini and Dark Cat?